The Wiha Brand

Wiha is a premium German-engineered brand committed to safety, quality, and innovation. A Wiha tool makes a pro’s job easier and safer. We carry more than 3,500 products so you can always get the exact tool you need.

ISO 9001 | ISO 5001 | ISO 14001 | AGR Seal of Approval | REACH | RoHS

Better Designed

Wiha created the first modern precision screwdrivers and has been pushing innovation forward ever since. Each tool is designed to reduce slippage, not damage materials, provide excellent ergonomics, and last for years. Professionals who need extreme precision and quality trust Wiha.

Tested for Safety

Unlike our competitors, Wiha does not batch test tools. Each insulated tool we make is individually tested to 10,000V and rated for 1,000V. We offer 600+ insulated tools so you can always work safer with Wiha. Our tools meet ISO standards so you know you will get the reliability and quality you need.

Built To Last

Each Wiha tool you buy will last longer thanks to the proprietary heat treatment we have perfected over 50 years. A Wiha tool is a long-term investment in efficiency. Plus, we are proud to be the first hand tool manufacturer awarded the prestigious AGR seal for the pain-free handles on our screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. With Wiha, the tools will last and so will you.